What do you look for in determining whether or not you accept someone as an affiliate?

Every decision is made on a case by case basis, and there is no "universal scoring system" or anything like that. However, there are some key criteria we do look for that can be used as a starting point to determine whether or not an affiliate is accepted.


» Domain names/URLs. An webmaster must have their own, actual site in order to be a CorbinPays.com affiliate. We do not accept webmasters using 3rd party sites such as MySpace, BlogSpot, Yahoo! (including Yahoo! groups), free, 3rd-party hosting services (such as Geocities), YouTube, as their primary means of promoting us. Even if you do use a 3rd party site such as those mentioned above, we'd ask (as well as suggest!) you use them only to direct traffic to your own site, as opposed to from the 3rd party site(s) to any of ours. An affiliates' violation of a 3rd party's Terms of Service in order to promote us is unacceptable.

» Traffic potential. A primary reason for establishing this exclusive-access affiliate program is that we wanted to be able to give the utmost attention and energy to our affiliates. Obviously, the expectation that they'll offer a volume of traffic to make this all worthwhile exists.

» Traffic quality. This is the most important factor we look at, and encompasses many things. Primarily, we look at how a webmaster currently promotes the sponsors they have, the manner in which they direct traffic to sponsors, the degree to which they individualize and customize sponsor promotion, and the potential their site offers to the development of the CorbinFisher.com brand. Indeed, this aspect outweights even the traffic potential aspect. We want to get an idea of how surfers made aware of or directed to CorbinFisher.com by a particular affiliate end up feeling about and seeing CorbinFisher.com. Even if an affiliate can't offer waves of traffic, but can contribute to the respected and trusted view of our brand that is so key to us, we consider them an excellent candidate to be an affiliate.

I've Read your statement "Webmasters can earn two commissions from a single referral." How does that work?

CorbinFisher.com is "homebase" for two individual membership sites - AmateurCollegeMen.com and AmateurCollegeSex.com. Webmasters can choose to direct surfers either to CorbinFisher.com or directly to either AmateurCollegeMen.com or AmateurCollegeSex.com for more targetted referrals. Regardless of where you send the surfer, though, affiliates get credit for whichever site the surfer joins - as well as credit on each sale if they join both. So, it is indeed often the case that a single referred surfer could generate for the affiliate two individual sales (and thus two commissions), as well as two recurring memberships off of which the affiliate can earn rebill commissions indefinitely.

Does your "Exclusive Affililate Program" mean I cannot promote anyone else?

Not at all. Our affiliates are exclusive in that they are among a precious and select few able to promote our sites and not in that they can not promote anyone else. Certainly, our affiliates likely have a whole host of other sites and programs they promote. We do feel, however, that our affiliates enjoy with us a unique opportunity to earn above and beyond what is available through any other affiliate program because CorbinPays.com is "private, members only."

I've signed up for CorbinPays.com. Can I promote you now?

Before you can start promoting us, you must create a CCBill affiliate account (or merge your Corbin Fisher Partner account to an existing CCBill affiliate account). You must also agree to, and sign, our Affiliate Agreement. CorbinPays.com gets you access to promo material and our affiliate area, but our stats/signups/etc are run through CCBill's affiliate system. All traffic directed to our sites via affiliate referral codes reach a special tour/preview area of our sites that direct to CCBill join pages so that affiliates get credit for sales referred. Checking sales stats can be done by logging in to CCBill's affiliate admin area.

Why is your FAQ so short?

One of the great things about having an exclusive-access affiliate program is there is a relatively small and select number of affiliates out there, enabling us to more promptly respond to any inquiries from active affiliates! It's quite nice! :) So, if you're one of our affiliates and you have any questions, definitely feel free to fill out the form below, hit "Submit" and let us know about 'em, and we'll get back to you right away!

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